5 Home Electrical Appliances Safety Tips

Modern man is heavily dependent on electricity to perform even the basic everyday tasks. It is really very difficult to imagine our lives without some basic electrical appliances like fridge, freezer, microwave, washing machine and T.V to name a few. On one hand electricity is a blessings which makes our life easy and comfortable in a thousand ways, while on the other hand a little carelessness in dealing with it can cause a serious hazard. Electric shocks and short circuits are real risks if your electrical systems are not well maintained.

1. Discard old and damaged appliances

Electrical appliances have developed a great deal in the last ten years. As a result some old appliances aren’t suitable for modern systems anymore. Over the period of time, damage and deterioration occurs in all appliances. If you have a particularly old appliance such as an old fridge or washing machine, you should consider replacing it with a new one as the components within old appliance deteriorate the risk of fire or electric shock increases.

2. Never use appliances with exposed wiring or damaged power cords

You should check the condition of power cords and power sockets throughout your house regularly. If the power cords of your appliances are showing signs of damage, then you should remove them from the power source. If your power sockets are showing exposed wires, then you should stay well away from them. To ensure your safety, turn off the main power if you can safely access it.

3. Don’t overload power points

Overloaded power points are a very common cause of electrical fires. Although double adapters are very common, you should still never run more than the recommended number of appliances from a power outlet. Older sockets are more dangerous as they are unable to supply power in large quantities to your appliances and overloading them can easily cause a fire.

4. Don’t touch wet electrical appliances

Water conducts electricity exceptionally well. This means that wet electrical fittings are a serious electrical hazard; wet electrical appliances can cause fatal electrocution. Children should be supervised when using electrical appliances. It might also be a good idea to educate them of the importance of electrical safety.

5. Choose a licensed electrician to fix appliances in your home

Never attempt to fix electrical appliances yourself. Electrical wiring and fitting is a complicated thing and one wrong more can give you a deadly electric shock. Electrical work is not only dangerous but illegal too. If you want to do electric work, you must have proper qualification and license to do it. Make sure only to call a licensed electrician to do any sort of electrical fitting at your home.

If you keep the above mentioned electric safety tips in mind, you can save yourself and your family from electric shocks and you can also extend the life of your expensive electrical appliances.

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